The beauty of the Beast

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The beauty of the Beast

Post by Cristeta on Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:37 pm

"Idiot get over here and get me fresh water Gil yelled.
Forgive and forget I quoted grandma as I picked up the wash basin and walked quickly toward the door. "Yes master"
"Kumiko come brush my hair and play with me.” Angel an innocent and downright cute, five year old, yelled while running into the room and accidently running into me. I watched as if in slow motion as the bowl flew backward out of my hands and onto the ground while the water spilled all over my enraged master.
"You worthless piece of eggs, you and the rest of the namida family are useless why my father keeps you around me will never know" Gil surveyed the area and growled as his grey eyes fell upon the broken washbowl on the ground. "You ruined my mother's basin I'll show you a lesson" he took a piece of pottery and started to cut my skin, Engraving into my face starting at my ear and working it through my cheeks, noses and even my left eye. Thrusting the knife into my throat he started to cut deep into the cartilage and dragging it down into my chest I turned and looked at Angel mouthing run just as I started to pass out.
When I woke up a week later my left eye was now permanently open and there was so much raised skin I looked like a zombie. My grandma handed me a veil to wear. Oh right I’m a monster in society's eyes, grandma sighed as if she read my mind "don't let this turn you into a monster. Remember Forgive and forget." "Yes grandma" I rasped out
Later that week while I was doing my house work I spotted Master Celestine" Kumiko come quick" Master Celestine yelled grabbing me "Your Grandma is sick"
"Grandma is sick" I screamed my mind raced. She and I knew how to make medicine from herbs but I didn't know everything.
"Come Kumiko we have to hurry" he pulled me into grandma's room there by her bed sat Master Gil and Angel.
I touched grandma she was cold to the touch causing me to yank back. "Grandma tell me what I must do" I said praying to whatever god there was that she would live.
"Nothing" she whispered smiling and looking at the oil lamp "I can see your mother and grandfather now and even Angel's and Gil's mom to."
Gil winced and Angel looked at my grandma wide eyed "can you say hi to mama?"
Grandma's eyes focused on them "yes dearie" turning to Gil she smiled her knowing smile. "Gil now you hear me and hear me good quit treating my granddaughter the way you do. She may look like the monster but the way you acted you were the monster in that situation."
"I-I'm sorry" he looked down.
"I'm not the one you should be saying that to" her eyes grew unfocused. "I love you all Angel be a good girl, Gil lose that temper, and Kumiko my sweet Kumiko remember forgive and forget." she closed her eyes "I think I'll nap now. Close that window it's too bright in here."
I grabbed her hand "grandma?" pulling up my veil and ignoring everyone's wince I hugged her "grandma please."
I felt a hand on my shoulder that pulled me back "Kumiko I know this isn't the time to say this…
"But you're sorry and you want me to forgive you for destroying my life and making it impossible to carry on my family line." I finished for him while folding my hands over my chest to make it seem like I was angry this was probably the only time I can talk to him I want to. "You’re right it isn't the right time."
He winced again "please we need move past this."
I put on my best glare "move past what? The fact that even though we the namida family has been taking care of your family forever and you have the audacity to do this to me? Or maybe it's the fact that even though my grandmother did everything she could she couldn't save your mother when she gave birth to Angel so you've held a grudge. What I know is that, I even though you acted like a monster, already forgave you and I continue forgive you every time you hurt me"
He looked confused then the realization of what I said came upon his face. Peace, understanding, and calm were so easy to read. I started to pull down my veil but he stopped me "no even though you look like a demon doesn't mean you are one."
Master Celestine and Angel smiled "yeah they made up" Angel yelled. Grandma sat up and smirked scaring me and master Gil "you kids are so gullible. Well my jobs done. I’m still the best dang actor there is. Come on master Celestine it's time for your tea. Oh and Kumiko we need to work on your medicine a little more before you burry someone alive."

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