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ALL submissions from last semester

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The stories

Short stories by stetabebe

a modern day smaritian
One foot in front of the other. i drag my feet down the uneven pathway in the dark street wincing at every step i have to take until finally i can’t walk anymore and i fall forward hitting my head on a brick on my way down. people walk by me ignoring my bleeding body. what does it matter that i escaped my prison if i am to bleed to death my mind mentally curses me from ever leaving the house. I don’t remember how i got there all i remember is what happened in the house. My body tensed as i finally felt the cold wind stop blowing through my thin clothes and replaced with honey sweet warmth muscles stretched as i felt a strong man lift me up. I fearfully looked up and saw not my cold hearted captor but a kind man but looks don’t fool me anymore. "Please don’t take me back" i could hear my voice crack like a shattered wine glass filled with poison. Only when i heard his voice did i realize that we aren’t heading back to house but instead toward the main part of the city "take you back where? Who did this to you? are you okay miss i mean of course you’re not okay your bleeding... maybe we should go to the hospital" i looked at him in awe and didn't answer "oh you don’t know who i am eh that could be why you are giving me that look I’m Amedio" he took me to the hospital and then when i was finished bandaged he took me to a nice looking house where he told me i could stay for as long as i liked and I could only smile because I realized I had found modern day Samaritan
“oji-san how did oka-san meet Otou-san?"
“oji-san how did oka-san meet Otou-san?” the little 6 girl grabbed heruncle’s hand
He smiled sadly down at her remembering what the journal his sister had given him said “Well Aimi…”
One day I wanted to be a doctor I wanted to help family, friends and others who can’t be helped. I didn’t want to conform to my society I didn’t want to honor my arranged marriage that had been set before I was born.
“Kijmuta Risa, come to the office please, Kijmuta Risa” the crackly announcement hissed in Japanese. That moment tells me to give up. That simple moment was the thing that foreshadowed my future
In the office there was guy their around the age of 18 with cold hazel eyes deathly jet black hail hair. His toned chest showed through his shirt and everything about him screamed ‘abuse’ but there was nothing I could do. From this moment I would fulfill my role in society not as a doctor but as a woman meant to breed I looked from the boy to my mother “hai oka-san?”
She smiled coldly at me “this is your husband go home and packed up your things”
“Hai oka-san” was all I could say
“She was forced into an arranged marriage” he looked away
She frowned “so than she didn’t love Otou-san so that means she didn’t want me?
The man shook his head “no hani” he picked her up “she loved you as soon as she found out she was pregnant.”
Aimi looked down “than how did she die”
The man sucked in a breath the journals sad page
9 month later she sat in her mother in laws house legs pulled slightly underneath her body she sat as still as the 7 month bump would let her. She took off the ring that mentally burned her skin “kakachama I’m leaving I had enough of your son’s behavior I want to go to college. I want to help people not sit here doing nothing but being breeding slave”
The woman slapped her back with the bokken knocking her to the ground. Ignoring how she looked to be in pain and held her stomach “you insolent little brat my son has done everything for you Risa, given you everything and this is all you can give in return. Hate for my family and your future child. You do not deserve that child that grows in you. If my son didn’t need an heir I would kill you here and now”
Risa struggled to get to her feet and shakily walked outside in the snow But she only made it as far as the neighbor’s house before she passed out.
She only lasted a week

“giving birth to her only love” he held the child as they both looked down at the grave engraved with words that wrung true written in both kanji and Hiragana “beloved mother, sister, and giver” one day she would read her mother’s journal and she would understand what had happened but the man would make sure that she would never have to suffer the same fate.

Short stories from hersheysforever1

The fortune teller moved her dry, shriveled hands over the glass ball that she bought at the dollar store a long time ago. She could hear the laughter and occasional shouts of the children as they ran outside from ride to ride and from tent to tent. They never came in to see her tent. The unemployed dock workers wanted to hear about winning lottery tickets and new job opportunities. The teenagers were eager to hear stories about faraway places and dark mysterious strangers. And so the fortune teller always told them what they wanted to hear. She liked giving them something to dream about. She tried to fill their minds with great expectations. Just then, a young man appeared in the entrance way. He was nervous, and his smile was timid. He shuffled into the dark tent, his head full of dreams, and yet at the same time, innocently empty. The fortune teller took his trembling hands into her own hands and peered at the ancient voice, she began to speak of new job opportunities, mysterious places, and dark mysterious strangers.

The poems

Poems from hersheysforever1

Measure Of Faith
what is faith
faith is the measure of belief
when your alone and have nothing left
a test
would you believe you can be saved
when you have demons stranggling your ankles
slowly piercing their long finger nails into your skin
i could feel the trail of blood trickling down my feet
meanwhile the devil wished for me to be dragged across the crumbly asphalt
when pain strikes every nerve in your body yet the pain isnt getting numb
each hit the pain is different but just as effective
can you believe
can you truly believe that through a hurricane a luminescent rainbow is thriving to arrive by surprise
faith is no matter what circumstance
no matter what age
your heart truly opening
yourself truly believing
faith is the miracle that happens after the impossible occurs
your body blessfully cleansing in holyness and oil
the last bit of what you still believe showering you
shouts of anger and frustration
you want it to end and you try but never a success
you dont know faith within until your lonely in that dark cold room
the small ray of light i can see out of the corner of my eye
i will scream
i will fight
but if i never had faith
i would have never survived

lovey dovey
When I first met you I didn’t see
When we first touched I didn’t feel
When you first put your lips on mine I didn’t realize
When you put your arms around me I only felt safe.
Now I know
Now I see
Now I love
That we were meant to be
Its just you and me
So lets make it be
The longest time we’ll be
Cuz we can make it ‘til eternity
My Strength
I've been and felt weak
when i feel like nothing at all is under my command
when the world..not even nature is on my side
when i feel like everything and everyone is trying to brush me off the harsh planet and make my life ten times harder
my voice is the gift
its the form of strength within me that God has given
my voice is my steadiness
my patience
my tool
my getaway
my push for success and motivation
my emotions you can hear in my vocal tones
when i'm depressed vocal chords scratched and at rest
at least i can still be heard
they listen and view me in a new light
the halo above my head
the notes i spit
the lyrical rhythm
like the creaces on my face from smiling for so long
i can trip the light fantastic and on beat..i dance and see my reflection as i move
do not tread on me
i can move a crowd with powerful words flowing off my tongue
i can keep rhythm with no metronome
my actions speak loud in a microphone
my life is the stage
i felt weak
my voice is the gift
i used it so i can sing this
watch me record it
play it back and hypnotize you to sing along to
as your body finds its way across the floor
expressing MY emotions through my voice
allowing others to join along
now i've secured my gift and thanked for the blessing
i've been or felt weak..
my voice is the gift.

~Above Your Level & My Toast To Success~
Am i the one to blame if even tough your upset, I did the right thing? Am i really the one who should be blamed when i simply opened your gates to reality? Baby, you were living in a Utopia,where nothing dies or comes to an end. Hun,this is life: and u needa swallow your pride. Like at a presidential campaign or debate, it's all about me and my future. At least now, i'm free.
You couldn't hold on to me, well baby thats fine. Because when you left my mind its when everything settled aand kicked in on time. I got a new watch and the time is right. I know what i wanna do. I know what im gonna do. i know what i'm capable of, how about you? Get your priorities straight, your thinking like a drunk man tripping over a flat surface. You need to get sober like a nun. what were you thinking?
That's your problem, you weren't thinking at all. A short leash didn't work, choking me giving a rashy red neck and i had to cut it off. Hun, you ain't even all that! You prefer fame and fortune. And i'd rather be drowning in the waves of success.
Overflowing my goals: here's a toast to me and my success. All my hard work 'gon pay off soon enough.
At least i'm trying;at least im persuing. At least i'm positive like the day i thought you were the one. At least i'm sincere unlike the harsh things you've done. Baby, you were wrong. You were never in my future, it was always about me. So go ahead and see your way out..there was never enough room for both you and me.
Like a Lion and a Tamer, who do you think has more power? Once again i say it's over,but only cuz i know your just too beligerent and naive to see, i'm following the path that was paved for me. I just thought you'd know: know that your on Earth, this aint Mars. Baby, this is life..everything is peeking around the corner..and with you aboard or not, its blasting off.
So pack your bags and go..i'm launching my future without someone like you. When i'm congratulated of my job well done, imma have a CELEBRATION. I know as you read this, your spitting at my words..just know when I AM BETTER..your sly tricks aren't gonna work. Don't come running back to me, if u wanna play games, go try out for a sport.

I love sleeping when it’s raining. I also love to dance and play in the rain with my naked bare feet. Jumping in puddles and getting the slick water and mud feeling in between my toes. I love sticking my tongue out in the rain. Feeling the quick, prickly, tickling sensation on my tongue.

HE LOOKED ANGRY arilaz.cruz
Mark’s neck began turning red as the bully teased; his fists clenched and he began to shake. Mark’s vain was bulging near his temple as the bully pushed him into the sticky lockers; his breathing got fast and heavy as if he was being attacked by asthma and his eyes were watering like rain falling from the clouds. Mark’s eyes rolled back and turned deep black as if his anger had possessed him. He did not like the bully yelling at his little brother and his ears were bursting with fume as his head was ticking and shaking like a countdown to blast off.

Poems from stetabebe

just have hope
my hands raise
my heads in a daze
wishin' for the days
when everything was okay

my eyes roll back
my lids blink
aint no diffrent sceene
from what i have seen

my ears hear my people
cryin' for lost ways
but it aint no diffrent tune
from from a wolfs howl to the moon

dont you do it too
dont even cry
just look up to the sky
cuz the day comes soon

just have hope

if i smile now
Can you tell
the difference between fiction and non-fiction?
Can you tell
That I secretly do care what you say

What will you see
If you look upon my chapped lips, zits and scars?
What will you think
Of my hidden personality desperate to be released?

I hide behind the stories
I secretly express my individuality
But it only escapes, barely a whisper
Only then am I free to be me

Go on
Talk behind my back
But I will continue to be
My quiet stubborn shy self

I know the torments
My past made me this way
But my ancient memories
Are erased every day

My art shows my hidden dreams or fears
My words hold my inner cravings and cares
My soul desperate to hide the past pain
But it makes up for it with a burning loyalty

If I smile now
Will the warmth reach my ever changing eyes?
If you talk to me
Will your words fall upon my deaf left ear?

If I look back
Will you see the back of my brown hair flowing freely through the air
If I ask what you think of me
Will I hear curses and lies or truth of heart?

I Am
I am an small town quarter of phillpeeno- American that shows only a girl bursting to scream that I am not someone to be picked on.
I am independent and defensive of those who manages to wiggle there way into my “family” .
I am someone strong that looks week because I don’t show and tell.
I am the girl with the almost curved eyes that change color but portrays no true feeling, always lying to its reader though sometimes it shows true emotion.
I am a reader that prefers the perfect quiet of my room to a loud crowd.
I am the shower singer that closes her eyes in public and seals her lips on stage.
I am writer, designer and photographer who watches from the shadows capturing the action of real life and not some soap opera drama.
Most importantly I am me because I chose not to conform to society with either my jeans to tight or my shirt cut to low.
Because I am Cristeta, I am a Sawin and I am a small town quarter of a phillpeeno-American

And then she prayed

Mirror, mirror on the wall Who should care if she falls
Don’t leave her Pick her up and steal her away
then slowly disappear
showing your hidden intentions of not to stay
you brute, you tortuous person
you left her,
doomed her to her own fall
skip 2,or so years
oh would you look at that
words fly through air
hisses and shouts without a care
classmates giggling at nothing at all
one by one they leave her to her fall
then her mama prayed
“god let her move on from the pain”
but she still saw her tear drops in the rain
sweet tears drops blinding her pain
Her story of past not so squeaky clean
With hidden pain not meant to be seen
Until her mama said
“move on from that frostbitten world
don’t look back you got it girl
show pride in your gain
don’t let the past become a stain
don’t fall to unnecessary words
let silent screams be heard”
and then the mama silently prayed
“rain, rain wash away every pain she holds today”

Poems by hopeande

unkown feeling
You express words unspoken
Your touch beyond physical reaches
A light lit and relit through a constant battle of burnouts
Left wordless and spell bounded
With nothing but a whisper of a promise
A promise of deep desires
Heart spoken desires
A string of laughter trails behind
And a breaking fortress that tumbles
Leaking an unknown territory of feelings
Never before left to untangle the complicated strands
Now seen
- hope

Poems by bryana25

love is undescribable
love is undescribable it takes over your body and make you do things you've never done before.
love is undescribable it makes you want to yell and scream and make a big scene.
love is like a rollacoaster it takes you up and down and all around.
but when your in love you feel like your on cloud nine with that special someone.
that person makes you feel like your the only person that matters to them .
which is why.
rose are red
violets are blue
but words cant describe
how much i love you

Poems by maryotoo

Anonymous beauty
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
But what if the beholder is blind?
Blinded by piercing words and accusing fingers.
Not being able to see the true beauty within.
Everyday she is told by her loved ones how flawless she is.
But she can't hear them. She's deaf.
Her ears have been blocked by negativity, that she cannot hear herself speak.
She stares at the mirror even though the results are still the same.
She tries not to notice the scars that lurk around every corner of her skin.
Scars invisible to those who created it, yet visible to those who did not.
Scars no amount of first aid could take care of.
She feels like a clown at the circus amusing others, but not herself.
But who gave you the right to judge me? She questions others.
Perfection is not written all over your face.
But these are all her thoughts, kept and stored in an empty place; her heart.
Where then does she find comfort?
Where is the place she goes to when the days are unbearable?
Nowhere. No one understands her.
No one knows what she goes throguh.
So she walks around carrying the load on her head.
It has created rings on her neck.
If only she could pass it onto someone.
But who?
Who is willing to take such a heavy burden?
Who is willing to injure their spine? And create blisters on the soles of their feet?
Would I? Would you?
As long as the questions are left vacant without answers,
she would continue the journey.
Panting effortlessly as she goes.
Her character changes, becoming more pessimistic.
Love is out of her dictionary, for she knows no man would love something like her.
Like a dog being taken for a walk.
She doesn't want to live another day but she has to.
So she gave life what is alwyas wanted; her.
As she tied the knots together, she sighed loudly.
And fastened the necklace, letting it enclose her neck.
Liberated. Gone. FInally she doesn't have to deal with the war. the one against herself,
and the cruel place she found herself in.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
But what if the beholder is gone?

Poems by Leianah

under my skin
Under my skin.
I feel uncomfortable under my skin.
With skinny girls everywhere there is no way for me to win.
With the typical stereotype saying skinny Is all beauty its unfair.
When they see me they all start to laugh.
Because they don’t see me, they see the big part not my big heart.
I’m so uncomfortable under my skin.
Skinny girl here skinny girl there I swear when I look around I fell like pulling out my hair.
It makes me mad and makes me sad about what people think of me
They see a big girl who walks on by when they laugh they see a girl who doesn’t get mad or sad
But what they don’t know
Is I’m uncomfortable UNDER MY SKIN.

Peoms by bazz

Contradictions Of The Light Skined Nappy Head Master Part One
The keypad on your phone, ain't nothing compared to my hands,
you don't understand, i really tried my best,
to the be the best, and as i'm still destined for greatness,
destiny has me by the neck,-
like i said, you don't understand,
this friction, this heat we make,
a fan is useless, we'll need the cold hearts from drop-out students,
oooh! too cool, too cold-
as i was saying, i don't comprehend complaining,
what's the use if you're ungrateful daily,*pause*,
Think About It, as Frank Ocean thinks,
forever, but she'll think only for tomorrow,
wondering, "how will i fight this pain & sorrow",
so she goes and grabs a bottle, and told that stranger to,
"handle that throttle", she meant the drive,
the ride to what she thought, was her house,
and now you do the math of a child and him taking off your blouse, ouch!-
anyways, the original things i do,
i hope, is an appeal to any eye,
but for you to catch it, to be honest,
i'd be surprised, because the crowd that you're in are so blind,
so #TheOutCrowd isn't technically inside, alright,-
any whom, i checked into Marvin's Room,
with music and females and bottles of booze, a bucket of weed,
but i don't smoke to tunes, i get high off the vibe of tunes,
but my age group might have their lungs looking like, dried upfruit,
but it's only to get loose, am i wrong?-
society judges me, the deception of songs,
so mainstream music is as nasty to me as a fat girl in a thong, it's explicit and very disgusting,
so i listen to the unknown new,-
as i look into the mirror of only stale, white walls,
i see the world, of a young man,
great lands and water falls, but also a devil and a God,
but may that world be in balance and let it tip, from side-to-side,
i dare you to interfere with God's copyright, i am the Light Skined Nappy Head Master:
i keep on daydreaming a dream in reality,
the things i daydream CAN come true but probably not,
and it's about my past,
seeing Toree Paden sitting right in front of me in class,
holding hands with a girl named Jett with two t's,
and a really funny girl named Ms.Moxley,
purposely, i say their names properly,
they're mostly what ithink about, occasionally,
the sweet things i said to them was never acting,
it was authentic as the gold on rappers' teeth,
i align lyricism in such away as well,
i don't talk about mooney too much and disrespecting girls,
i talk with arrogance intelligence observation and interference against my spirit,
i will NOT stand down,
im the LightSkinedNappyHeadMaster-
this sequel of problems will never seek the chapel,
i would ask advice from the pastor,
but they put God's perspective before theirs,
as always,
the stories and the truth are hidden inside you-
have you ever connected with a bibles chapter,
everybody had their good times but it always seems like we have downfalls,
all the time,
and before Jesus entered heaven,
God let him fall, Think About It-
if i was to become rich i would give a poor guy a Benjamin,
not only togive but to live and show our government that you are all in my hands,
i control you Babyloninans,
i have no icon but only my laptop,
i will never,
as long as my Jordans are walking,
follow the footsteps of another man,
but if i create a pathway to the right way in your Pineal Gland,
then let you ancesters and your gandmammy praise me man-
iam light skined,
i have a nappy head,
i could be a philospher but the philosphy i portray wouldn't but could be the end,
chilvary is dead so you still didn't found the killer,
and we have never been scared,
but now your leaders are a MJ thriller,
this isn't entertainment,
this is education on the realist,
and im still ignorant,
and im still intelligent,
and im still brillant,
and once again,
iam the LightSkinedNappyHeadMaster-
my state of nature is a scale,
having justice and being even is what i search for,
ask my team, i talk alot about girls,
but there is no female i can live for,
im not neccessarily forever alone,
i just dont feel like being bothered,
im still upset that every other weekend i have to go see my father,
my mind cries tears,
but my heart hides under a cottage,
like an otter,
iam the little soldier,
like Akileez,
i salute to no one,
i bow to no one,
i mastered aim,
iam an Archer,
so many other things i want to say,
but this rabbit hole is getting too deep,
so just holler out "Q" or "Shabazz" whenever you see me:


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