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New Contest

Post by Stetabebe on Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:30 pm

here are some details

What to do: write your best poem and record you saying it than put together a video to go along with it kind of like a music video
What you can and can’t do:
  • You can make the poem into a rap
  • You can seek help from another student but no teacher
  • No nudity or profanity and if please no explicated content in other
  • it must be rated pg13 and follow cobb county rules
  • You can’t use copyrighted material or other people poems (/ raps/ music)

formating needs to be one of the following:

ill have examples when we get back so think of titles

___________҉ ₩ℓ αⱤℓ ƲηᵴҀᵳѓᵽᵼᶒᶑ ҉___________
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